Charity Platform

There are many charitable organizations and projects in the world that face problems such as transparency of expenses, efficiency of fundraising and lack of trust on the part of donors. Difficulties with traditional models of financing charitable projects make it difficult to raise funds and distribute aid to those in need.


Our crypto project proposes the creation of our own charitable platform that will utilize blockchain technology and operate based on our proprietary token. Our platform will have the following features:

1. Transparency: Thanks to the utilization of blockchain technology, expenses and fund distribution will be transparent and open. Every transaction will be recorded in a distributed ledger and accessible for public viewing, ensuring trust and accountability.

2. Automation: We will implement smart contracts to automate fund distribution and the execution of charitable programs. This will streamline processes and enhance project execution efficiency.

3. Community participation: Our platform encourages community participation and engagement. Users will be able to vote and propose projects deserving of funding. This will create a democratic environment and assist in realizing projects that meet the needs of the community.

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