The Tiger Cub Guardians NFT

The Power of Art for Good

The first collection consists of 100 NFTs (BEP-721 protocol).

BEP-721 is a non-fungible token (NFT) standard written in Solidity for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

The goal of the collection is to bring together representatives from over 100 countries and incorporate the 5 elements of nature under a unified concept of doing good deeds.

The world's first NFT auction took place on the BabyBNBTiger specialized trading platform, and it could only be purchased using BabyBNBTiger tokens!

In total, over $100,000 worth of purchases were made Legendary NFT Number of: 5

Description of the concept: 1. "Fire" Card: This card will depict a tiger cub surrounded by blazing flames. It symbolizes the elemental power of fire, its energy, and passion. Fire is a symbol of strength, power, and transformation. Such a card can be valuable for collectors who are looking for energetic and passionate elements in their collection.

2. "Water" Card: This card will feature a tiger cub playing in water or swimming in a river. It represents grace, harmony, and flow. Water is an element associated with emotions, intuition, and purity. Such a card may attract collectors who appreciate tranquility and harmony.

3. "Earth" Card: This card will depict a tiger cub playing in lush green landscapes or surrounded by trees and plants. Earth symbolizes stability, strength, and fertility. This card may appeal to those who value earthly aspects such as nature, resilience, and interaction with the environment.

4. "Air" Card: This card will feature a tiger cub surrounded by light and transparent air, perhaps leaping or soaring in the sky. Air symbolizes freedom, lightness, and movement. Such a card may attract those who appreciate freedom and a spirit of adventure.

5. "Ether" Card: This card will depict a tiger cub surrounded by mysterious and glowing ether. Ether is a subtle and invisible element that connects all the other elements. It symbolizes inner essence, the spiritual realm, and magic. Such a card may appeal to collectors who are seeking something mysterious and unique.


Number of: 15

A special part of the collection that displays the beauty, grace and femininity of tigers.

Each element of Lady Tiger clothing emphasizes the luxury and grace of a tigress, which gives her additional charm and charm.


Number of: 10

Masculinity, confidence and an unflappable look are what make the tiger a real symbol of energy, strength, success, talent, as well as self-confidence and perseverance in achieving goals. COMMON NFT Number of: 75

The largest part of the collection, an army of tigers numbering more than 60 individuals.

Each of them is unique, with its own character and strength. The main question is , are you ready for such a pet in your WEB 3 wallet ?

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